Remedial Massage

If you’re looking for a good massage in Goonellabah or Lismore area you have come to the right place.
My qualification and experience is in Remedial Massage, which is a big umbrella term for different approaches and techniques to improve the condition of the soft tissue (muscle, tendons, ligaments and fascia) through manual therapy. During a remedial massage treatment, most of the time is spent massaging tight muscles or areas where soft tissue as become ‘stuck’ and doesn’t’ move as it should. The essence of the Remedial approach is to assist the soft tissue in recovery, rehabilitation, pain and injury management.

Getting a remedial massage is like giving your soft tissue a service. Everyday stresses from the uses and abuses we put our bodies through will create tension and restrictions that can stay unresolved and create imbalances that the body will compensate for. Sometimes we only become aware of this tension months or years later from when the compensation started. Getting a remedial massage can help resolve some of the tension and restriction from everyday life. This is why some people include massage as a part of their regular health routine. Certainly all elite and professional athletes I’ve met include massage as part of their weekly training program, for recovery and rehabilitation but also for prevention of injuries.

During treatment I try to spend most of the time doing hands on massage but I also spend some time doing different assessments to help me decide how to go about the treatment. Assessments can be done to test flexibility, range of motion, muscle firing patterns, strength or stability. I may also find it necessary to include some homework for the patient, as in specific stretches or movement routines to help maximize the treatment.

Call or text to set up an appointment on 0422 898 021. If you have any questions text me or send me a message through the contact page.

Bookings can be scheduled for all 7 days of the week from 10am to 6pm, depending on availability.

Prices for massage treatments:

½ hour $40
1 hour $60
1 ½ hour $90

If you are coming for the first time I recommend a minimum of 1 Hour appointment.

The treatments are at my home clinic where I do massage and my partner does Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

For Kinesiology and EFT appointments follow this link.