What I do

In 2006, I completed the Diploma of Remedial Massage at Sydney’s Nature Care College and  have been working as a Remedial Massage Therapist ever since. In 2015 I moved to Goonellabah to study Osteopathy at Southern Cross University.

Most of what I do during a treatment is hands on soft tissue massage with an emphasis on trying to release the deeper layers of muscle and fascia because that’s where I find most of the problems are. Typically  I start with broad general massage covering large areas of the body and as the treatment progresses I get more specific and hone in on tight spots. But I’ll change my approach depending on the patient’s request. Some people like a deeper stronger approach other prefer a more gentle one. My main goal is to create a change and improve the condition of the tissues.

I can address tightness in any part of the body but the neck and shoulder area is where most of the complaints I see are. So over the years I’ve gain quite a lot of experience addressing stiffness in necks and shoulders. The second most common complaint I see is low back stiffness.

Over the years I’ve worked with all kinds of people, from the elderly and frail to the young and super fit. On my massage table I have had elite and professional athletes, Hollywood celebrities, pregnant women, stressed office workers, hard working tradesmen, people with disabilities and everything in between. But my most regular clients are usually people over 40 that want to stay physically active and find regular massage to be a key component of their  health care regimen.

As part of the treatment and depending on what is pertinent, I might spend some time doing assessments to determine range of motion, flexibility, strength and stability. Sometimes I like to give my patients some practical advice or some homework, usually some stretches and movement routines or postural cues. I find that massage alone can be very helpful at dealing with some types of muscle tension, but some people I see have carried tension in their bodies for years and in those cases some postural awareness and corrective exercise can really maximize the benefits of the massage.

In addition to the Diploma of Remedial Massage I have also done Continuing Professional Education programs. Here’s some of the courses I’ve attended:

  • ONSEN Technique Volume I,II and III (with Jeff Murray)
  • Structural Assessment and Correction of the Shoulder (with Jeff Murray)
  • Demystifying the Pelvis & SIJ (with Taso Lambridis)
  • Integrated Corrective Exercise Level 1 (AOK Health)
  • Myofascial Dry Needling Workshop 1 (with Stewart Condie)
  • Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Lower Back and Pelvis (with Joe Muscolino)
  • Advanced Assessment & Joint Mobilisation of the Spine (with Joe Muscolino)
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for Improved Sports Performance Webinar (with USA Triathlon)